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Dimming film video

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Art pattern decoration of dimming film

Products used: self-adhesive landscape painting dimming film
Usable area: 130㎡
Dimming glass is also known as atomized glass, electronically controlled glass, electrified atomized glass, and smart glass. Because of the advantages of shading, privacy protection, beauty, random switching, noise reduction, etc., it is widely used in home decoration, office partitions, conference projection, government banks, clubs, hotels, shopping malls and other scenes. Compared with traditional glass partitions, it can divide the space. Switch freely, more high-end, more beautiful, and better spatial vision. The dimming glass is not only a little bit of improvement for the hotel. The use of dimming glass to replace the original curtains is of great help to the hotel's level of refreshment. It is also the same for the customer's entry experience. Can be used in bathrooms, lobbies, windows, etc.