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Hangzhou Yaxin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.It is a comprehensive service provider specializing in intelligent light control solutions. Our team has accumulated more than ten years of industry experience in the field of intelligent light control, smart home, artificial intelligence and intelligent buildings, and is committed to providing various professional services to global customers. Intelligent light control solutions, intelligent products and professional technical services.

Relying on professional technical strength to pursue user experience, the company has successively launched a series of high-quality products such as intelligent light control products, interactive digital signage, and smart home products, which have won widespread attention in the industry and favored by the market.

Our spirit = focus and innovation

Hangzhou Yaxin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.The R&D and design team of Hangzhou Yaxin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on intelligent light control solutions, providing each customer with the most suitable comprehensive solution, and accompany customers to grow together. Famous features and influential brand service providers.

  • 30 +

    Exported to more than 30 countries

  • 100 +

    More than 100 R&D personnel

  • 4 +

    4 production bases

  • Intelligent control

    It can be switched at will, and can be controlled by remote control, switch control, and induction control; other special control methods such as voice control, infrared control, and APP control can be customized according to needs.

  • Safety explosion-proof

    The dimming glass is a laminated double-layer glass, also known as safety glass; it meets the national 3C standard, has good shock resistance and is durable, and can prevent glass fragments from falling and hurting people。

  • Insulation and sun protection

    The material and film of the dimming film/glass can block and reduce the daily heat, and at the same time can block the irradiation of ultraviolet rays and the irradiation of infrared rays. Radiation and heat transfer can be reduced.

  • Beautiful and practical

    The dimming film/dimming glass can not only take into account the independent space of traditional glass partitions, but also switch between transparency and fog at will, allowing space and privacy to coexist.

  • Soundproofing

    The dimming glass has a certain blocking effect on noise. The dimming glass is double-layer laminated glass, which can effectively reduce noise barrier compared with ordinary glass technology and materials.

  • Diverse customization

    The dimming film/dimming glass can be customized on demand, regardless of size, and can be customized according to the site, according to the color, process, printing and other exclusive products that meet the requirements, and a variety of methods can coexist.

Application advantages

Dimming film/Glass
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Environmental protection, safety, technology and intelligence are YXZNKJ's commitment to each customer. Quality first is the truth of YXZNKJ. Our products strictly implement ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards, from product planning and design, material inspection to manufacturing process control, in line with EU ROHS standard.